Is Your Web Designer Ripping You Off?

Nobody likes being ripped off – especially if they’re in business.

Yet most businesses are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to their web designer for shoddy, substandard work. Are you?

Luckily, there’s a quick and easy way to find out.

Go to:, type in your website address and click on the “Check” button.

If the page you see says “failed validation” in red writing, you might need to speak to your web designer – especially if there are more than a handful of errors.

Is your web designer one of the cowboys?

Unless you own a cattle ranch, you probably don’t want to employ cowboys. You certainly wouldn’t put up with substandard work from a builder or electrician, would you? What about an accountant that didn’t understand tax laws, would you want them handing your finances?

Well, most web designers produce websites that are shoddy and substandard – and worst of all they don’t even know it.

How can I tell if my site isn’t up to standard?

Many professions and industries have standards. With some professions, like medicine or law, you need a qualification before you even start doing it. Other industries, like food processing or construction, aren’t so strict about academic qualifications, but they do have standards that have to be met – like health and safety or food hygiene standards.

There’s no academic qualification you need in order to become a web designer. All you need is a computer with internet access and the confidence (or in some cases arrogance) to call yourself a web designer.

However, although many people (and most web designers) don’t know it – there are standards for websites.

What’s more – it’s really easy to test your website to see if it’s up to standard. All you need to do is visit a website ( and you can test your site.

What are Web Standards?

Websites are programmed using a computer language called HTML. There’s a right way to program HTML and there’s a wrong way. The right way to program HTML is called “Web Standards,” anything else is the wrong way.

The difference between the right and wrong way to program a website is technical – so if you’re a business owner you don’t need to understand the details.

However, you do need to understand that if your web designer hasn’t used Web Standards it means:

Your site will do worse in Search Engines – so you’ll get less visitors
It will take longer to download – so you’ll lose more of the visitors you do get
It could cost you more to maintain the website
It’s harder (and more expensive) to make changes to the website
Up to 40% of people might not be able to see your website properly because they use different type of computer or web browser than your web designer.
Your site is probably not going to be accessible to people with disabilities – which could mean you could fall foul of your local disability discrimination laws

Things You Need to Know About PAYDAY LOANS

Payday Loans frequently named as Salary Loans or Cash advance credits are momentary advances, moderately of modest quantity furnished with the confirmation to be paid back when the borrower gets his compensation or payday. Payday credits are for the most part for the timeframe of half a month, as they are obtained for moment need of cash and are to be paid back after the following wages shows up. Borrowers need to give a postdated check of the sum to be paid to the moneylenders. On the off chance that on the specific day the money sum isn’t gotten by the borrower, the moneylenders are qualified to store the check in their particular records, which on the off chance that if skips can bring about a climb in the paid sum due to the check bob punishments together with the impact of notice period being finished. Borrowers can likewise utilize electronic mediums to get and pay the sum.

Who are qualified to get payday credits?

Borrowers need to have a ledger and a consistent wellspring of salary with their recognizable proof ids to get a payday advance, that guarantees that the individual is trust commendable enough to pay the advance sum back, as he is utilized and procuring.

Payday moneylenders

The payday credits are given either by some payday advance store or the stores giving other money related administrations. So as to avert the preposterous and too much high paces of interests over these advances by loan specialists, a few purviews limit the APR for example yearly rate that any bank can charge.

Payday pay and discount

At times, the payday credit demonstrates to be load forever, as it can reach to a broaden where it winds up inconceivable for you to reimburse the entire sum you obtained as the sum ends up excessively expensive. This case for the most part emerges when the loan fees are getting increasingly elevated and you can’t pay the last sum without fail. The sum commonly winds up exorbitant when the best way to pay it, is to assume another credit. At times the organization is answerable for the circumstance as it gives advance to an individual what already’s identity is caught in different credits, or isn’t in reasonable money related state, in such a case, the individual can request a discount or pay, subsequent to demonstrating that the organization didn’t treat him decently. Treating out of line means proposing incorrectly thoughts, plans or plans, that took the borrower at a phase where he is altogether encompassed by monetary emergencies.

The borrower can demonstrate the organization was answerable for the sum getting exorbitant status for him, as it loan the advance, even subsequent to seeing the bobbed check records, and the monetary condition of the borrower, the sum is since huge that it expends the greater part of his salary, making it incomprehensible for him to reimburse. The borrower henceforth can solicit the remuneration or discount from the sum.

The inquiry emerges now is the thing that sum ought to be asserted for pay, this thoroughly relies upon the present circumstance. Was it thoroughly obvious to the bank that the sum is getting to be unreasonably expensive to the client, and on the off chance that it was thus, at that point for what reason was the loan specialist as yet loaning cash. The sum after which the credits loan were winding up too high to even think about getting paid back by the purchaser ought to be discounted or redressed.

Everything To Know About Payday Loans Online

Payday Loans are the credits which are allowed for an extremely modest quantity of time on the assurance that they would be reimbursed when the following compensation or salary from their wellspring of acquiring. Such credits have an incredibly high pace of premium and are called by various names, for example, payday advance, finance advance, compensation advance, little dollar advance or loan advance. A payday credit can be offered to anyone regardless of their believability. The bank doesn’t see the credit value of the borrower if there should be an occurrence of allowing this sort of advance all things considered conceded for just 15-20 days and isn’t long haul. The borrower should, in any case, remember that taking a payday advance would not build his believability in the market. He, by the by, ought to have a relentless salary, changeless ledger and a work involvement of at any rate a half year to profit this credit.

Online payday credits are ending up increasingly more well known nowadays. One the best thing about online payday credit is its straightforward application process. The application takes under 5 minutes to finish and the entry is generally open 24 hours every day. The borrower can essentially document the application for the advance on the web and the assets are moved by direct store to the borrower’s record. The reimbursement of advance in such a case is straightforwardly pulled back electronically from the borrower’s record after he gets his next pay or after his post-dated check winds up develop. A rundown of the Direct Payday Lenders is as per the following:

Check Cash: They give their endorsement application inside 5 minutes by giving advances on the web or at their workplaces is U.S. They give an online payday advance once the client is affirmed by checking his legitimate record and no paid ahead of time or bank account.

Money Central: This is one of the most established payday loan specialists in the nation with a 24*7 online application entry.

MypaydayLoan: This also gives the client an endorsement reaction inside 4 minutes of a finished application structure. It is one of the biggest of its sort in the nation.

Blue Trust Loans: It assets credits between $300 to $1250 in pretty much every state. With a result time of a half year approx.., these advances have no punishment for reimbursement.

MoneyLion: They offer advances to pretty much every state in the nation with shifting rates and terms in each state. It has advance projects accessible for customers on all parts of the bargains score range.

Net Credit: It furnishes a moment endorsement choice with no obtaining points of confinement for amateurs. Candidates are qualified for $1000 to $10000 advances.

Maxlend: They have various advances and terms and credit value isn’t a foundation which is considered. It offers individual credits up to $1300.

There are a few locales which point of confinement the measure of intrigue charged on credits including payday advances. Contingent upon the strategy utilized, the yearly rate (APR) of each advance might be unique. In U.S.A, for instance, the Uniform Small Loans Laws (USLL) has fixed the APR between 36% to 40%. The significant favorable circumstances that these kinds of advances give significant productivity to the business, welfare for the family units is expanded as individuals who don’t require momentary advances can benefit long haul advances effectively and it gives an assistance which is inaccessible in the market as the necessity of the advance is as a rule by individuals who have depleted all their different alternatives of purchasing transient credit. This sort of credits is additionally scrutinized by certain individuals on the ground that they channel cash from the low-pay bunch networks by charging excessively high pace of premium. Additionally, in certain nations, the accumulation practices of the loan specialists are very forceful not at all like in nations like U.S where there is a standard gathering practice set by the law.

The Why and How of Maintaining Hygiene in Catering Services and Restaurants

It can be safely said that a few years ago the food sector, especially caterers and eateries, saw a paradigm shift. The lifestyle of workers changed. Food hygiene saw a breakthrough. Complicated measures to keeping ingredient secure were implemented. This transformation came when:

People became cognisant of foodborne diseases
The practices of careless food handling and hygiene came into the spotlight
The skills and behaviour of individuals managing the food were found to be lacking

The result was the improvisation of existing rules and the addition of new ones to provide a higher assurance to the customer.

Why should the food industry maintain hygiene standards?

Be it a wedding catering company or a nellai restaurant; food hygiene is vital for both. Cleanliness can define the fate of the business. When hygiene is kept as a priority, it not only ensures the health of every worker but also establishes the image of it. Proper sanitation retains the safety of the food secure and creates a good perception of the caterers or restaurant.

The present-day customer is aware, more than ever. They pick outlets and caterers who offer excellent quality food, great ambiance and beyond par hygiene. So much so, that hygiene has started ranking at the second level right after quality. Ergo, any food business that wants to thrive in the cut-throat competitive world needs to invest in cleanliness and sanitation practices.

It is not just the kitchen and preparation area that needs to be spick and span; the entire location has to be clean. For caterers, it means keeping the cutlery and serving tableware spotless. For restaurants, it means keeping the whole outlet impeccable.

How Can Caterers Uphold Standards?

It takes a few simple steps to keep food and every equipment used to prepare meals disinfected. Some methods that outdoor and indoor caterers can employ are:

Clean every surface with a mixture of lukewarm water and detergent.
Once it is cleaned, disinfect it. The step needs to be carried out to ensure that microorganisms that harm food or contaminate it are eliminated.

To do so, make a mixture of boiling water and a disinfectant.
The disinfectant has to be non-toxic.

To sanitise silverware and flatware:

Get rid of all food scraps and waste on them
Wash with water and detergent.
Rinse with hot water. It will prevent future infections.
Sterilise them in a solution or dip them in water boiled to eighty degrees for thirty seconds. Chlorine is the most common chemical that can be appropriated for sterilisation because it kills a great range of organisms and can be wielded at low temperatures.

If a dishwashing machine is used, then keep in mind to eradicate all food waste. Only then should the utensils should be placed in the device; else they do not get washed uniformly.

Make sure that the employee is aware of how to operate the equipment, accurately.
Do no use a cloth, fabric or dryer to get rid of the excess water after cleaning and disinfecting crockery. Let them air dry at room temperature.

What restaurants can do to practice better hygiene?

Eateries and joints have a physical space that extends beyond a kitchen. Therefore, the practices they need to put in place for sanitation are more extensive than caterers. Besides following the same procedure for cleaning the tools of the trades, as elucidated above, five more habits must be inculcated. The 5 steps explained below can be put in work by professional caterers too.

Maintaining Equipment

Restaurant kitchens have industrial grade equipment to store and prepare food. Every employee should be educated in:

How to use it properly
How to thoroughly clean it
How to maintain them

It will increase the cleanliness factor of the kitchen which will lead to a better reputation.

Adequate Ventilation

Cooking, continually, generates heat, moisture, and smoke which creates the build-up of sweat in workers. Hence, another practice that restaurants must apply is proper ventilation. It will offer a more friendly environment for employees and there boost their morale. Plus, food prep areas and storage sections will be more comfortable to maintain when the temperature is controlled.

Scheduled Checking

Cleaning, periodically, is only part of the story. Another is auditing it. Therefore, the dining and the kitchen area should have a schedule for inspection. A regular check-up will make sure that standards are maintained. An employee should be put in charge to oversee if the required hygiene benchmarks are being met or not.

Staff Cleanliness

No matter how much you clean the kitchen and keep an eye on its maintenance, the effort goes down the drain if the people handling the food are not spotless. Thus, it is vital to train every worker in keeping personal hygiene. 3 aspects of creating a healthy environment are:

Clean clothes
Hairnet and glove utilisation
Continuous washing of hands
Create Checklists

Employees are most often overworked. They do not have the time to remember new practices put into place. So, a restaurant should develop a checklist that details all the tasks that should be done to maintain hygiene. Every time a chore or duty is completed, the list can be updated. It will ensure that every worker implements their cleanliness responsibilities.

Organic Search Engine Optimization For Local Business Owners

I have been online marketing for over a decade and I have seen first hand the changes that have occurred especially with regards to Google and their algorithm updates and I’m sure that many of you will be running scared of how to optimize your website or blog anymore.
There is a lot of talk about Search Engine Optimization, however not so much about Organic Search Engine Optimization itself. So, I want to tackle that subject first. So, what precisely is Organic Search Engine Optimization?
Organic Search Engine Optimization is much like regular Search Engine Optimization event because it is the procedure of optimizing the design of your website so that search engine results, after paying attention to your content, utilizing your prepared list of keywords. The search engine will rank your website higher in the non-paid or natural listings. You will often see these appear below the paid ads at the top of the page on Google.
Organic Search Engine Optimization often referred to as Natural Search Engine Optimization, has a slight distinction from normal Search Engine Optimization in specific aspects however the focus here, is to work towards getting the best ranking in Natural search engine results.
If you are new to this area of Website Optimization it may be worth your time to invest some money with a Small Business SEO Specialist. They will initially carry out a Website review for you usually Free of Charge then they will create a report detailing the areas that they believe need attention in order to improve your position. You should find the costs reasonable and better yet it gives you the chance to learn a little and focus on your own business rather than trying to learn several new methods at the same time, its just not worth your time, in my opinion.
Your chosen SEO team will assess your website thoroughly to see how best to enhance your website’s capacity. They will then try to determine any technical issues which could pose a problem and stop your website being indexed properly during the Organic Search Engine Optimization process.
One of the methods they will no doubt wish to address is to find the optimum low competition keywords or phrases which you could target and realistically win for yourself in order to rank for and therefore improve your flow of visitors.
Keyword analysis must be genuine however, it must look natural, otherwise you end up with a non sensical sentence. You should work your long-tailed keywords into a paragraph and contain the usual content thereafter. It should include details about the function, services and products provided through your website. It must also remain aligned with your goals for marketing your website (getting extra traffic). This is trying to get the best Organic Search Engine Optimization influence possible from the search engines and end users.
Some Organic Search Engine Optimization experts will offer you a list of target keywords and phrases that have been ranked previously showing you how commonly they have been used by Internet searchers in the past.
Organic SEO starts with picking the right Title and Meta tags, development of on-page text with focus on content and design, and after that is complete you can begin to build your internal links which will go back and forth within your web pages linking Articles with other pages or content so that your visitors can find their way around. If guide is followed by yourself or your team, keyword importance and correct page formatting will increase your natural ranking.
Many SEO companies still like to manually submit websites to the various search engines individually, but this is not an essential step and I don’t believe that manual submission is any more effective than automated submission. I think automation wherever possible can help get the job done more effectively freeing up time to carry out other Organic SEO activities.
Your SEO Firm must rely on creating ethical link structure techniques, not only to safeguard the security of your rankings but to permit your site descriptions to be positioned under the ideal directory site and classifications. Ethical Organic link structure will help your website users to be able to find just the right resource on your website.
Once your SEO Team has got you this far, it would be easy to think that you have finished but unfortunately the optimization of your website and its standing in the search engine rankings does not end there. You or your SEO Team will need to continually check to ensure your website maintains of improves its position in the rankings and that there are no errors that may appear on your website like broken links etc.
One of the key tools that you or your SEO Team will no doubt do is to set up Google Webmaster Tools to ensure that you take advantage of your free Google My Business Listing as well as submit a Sitemap for your website, this will help the search engines to crawl your website to rank it. Using their webmaster tools can also give you some insight to what is happening what pages have been indexed and to see if any problems have occurred.
In business, online and offline, local business must have a website presence, they must also have a social media presence too in order to improve their standing in the community as well as their branding. But the problem most business owners face if that they don’t always have the time or the expertise to properly manage their business website and social media campaigns whether they have one or not presently.
With my background and experience, I decided to set up my own Digital Marketing Agency for this same reason, small business owners need to outsource their SEO requirements and let these digital agencies take over their social media management and then report back every few weeks with reports of what has been done and what has changed.
A typical fee for such management is likely to be anywhere from $300 for a small scale set up to $2,000 for a much larger presence so each set up is likely to be different.
For your ongoing SEO needs, once again it depends really what level of cover you are going to need, it maybe possible to bring everything under one team so the work is properly coordinated and managed effectively allowing you to focus on your main business interests.
What is expected of every SEO Management Team is regular updates and meetings, with clear concise reports on what is happening.
We, ourselves at PixelDigitalAgency.UK only deal with the smaller firms, we can create Fantastic Mobile Friendly Websites which load fast, yet another area of concern for many of the older websites. Then people are accessing the websites using all manner of mobile devices, Smartphones, Tablets, small laptop and desktop PC’s so your website must be able to be seen across the range of devices. We can do this using our new software, so whatever your area of expertise we can accommodate you.